Dmitry Verhoturov
Site Reliability Engineer


  • 4+ years of programming in Python.
  • 9+ years of system engineering expertise and work with Linux servers locally and in clouds.
  • 3.5 years of team management.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Solid UNIX and TCP/IP network fundamentals knowledge.
  • Huge experience in monitoring.
  • Advanced troubleshooting and analytical skills.
  • Well-developed understanding of internet technologies and client/server architecture.

Work Experience

August 2018 – Present
Senior DevOps Engineer
BidSwitch is a product of IPonWeb. It allows participation in RTB auctions with many different partners with minimal technical efforts, as well as spending advertising budgets on traffic of the highest quality.
I switched the team and position in order to find new challenges and to get acquainted with new technologies. This team focus is Continuous Integration (Jenkins + Groovy, GitLab, kubernetes + helm).
  • Set up Prometheus monitoring for kubernetes clusters and company applications
  • Wrote a lot of Groovy code and unit tests
  • Created many helm charts and participated in developing opensource prometheus-operator (ex coreos/prometheus-operator) chart
February 2015 – August 2018
Monitoring Team Lead
IPonWeb (300+ employees) provides technology for advertising industry, Real Time Bidding auctions in particular — the company handles millions of transactions every minute, terabytes of data are stored and processed every day. I created and managed a team of engineers, ensuring company’s service operations 24/7/365.
  • Developed applications/modules in Python, Puppet (+Ruby) and SQL.
  • Deployed and maintained applications in Amazon and Google cloud services.
  • Reduced amount of incidents from up to 200 a day to 5-10 a day.
  • Part of my work was to implement changes, and I know well how to make other people do what I need. I interacted with literally each team in the company regarding the introducing of improvements.
  • Created and integrated on-duty incident management procedures (how, when and what to do when you're on-call), by which duty shifts are operating since then.
  • Created a new team of eight people in three cities.
  • Wrote a ton of documentation and recorded a couple of videos for internal education.
  • Created incident management stats gathering and visualization system.
  • Halfway team transformation to SRE.
Svyaznoy Zagruzka
January 2014 – February 2015
Sr. System Engineer
Svyaznoy Zagruzka (~40 employees) is a telecommunication content provider, it powers services which send and receive SMS messages and USSD requests, and gives that ability to hundreds of partners. I handled client integration and support. My day-to-day activity was monitoring and troubleshooting (network and application levels, Wireshark and SQL console were my best friends).
  • Maintained and monitored the company’s software, self-written parts in Java, served by Glassfish and Tomcat — I tuned these systems and debugged Java software.
  • Created a web application based on Python+Flask for recurring tasks of extracting network dump slices cut by time and client.
  • Rewrote dozen of scripts from Perl and Bash to Python, and created a bunch of new ones.
  • Maintained and tuned the IT infrastructure of the company. I worked with Linux (CentOS, Debian), SQL (MySQL, MSSQL) and virtualization (VMware).
  • My tasks were to detect if a problem was on our or client's side, and to find ways to fix problems on client's side no matter if they are tech-savvy or not. Also it was my responsibility to interact with other companies’ technical departments, troubleshooting and fixing problems with external services providers.
Russian Federation Army
December 2012 – December 2013
Compulsory military service
Served in the army for one year after obtaining my degree.
BioChemMack (medical equipment dealer)
October 2010 – December 2012
System Engineer
70 employees company, BioChemMack resells medical equipment. Initially, I was working on technical support of medical devices. Then I shifted into internal services’ support.
  • Created and populated a wiki with information about internal infrastructure.
  • Having supported clients, I read tons of documentation and was able to fix all different kinds of problems with software and hardware (for example used for the analysis of DNA).
  • Migrated a server from the old CentOS to Ubuntu, reviewed and rewrote configuration of all used Linux services and networking.
  • Developed an autonomous work of local network parts in case of emergencies, such as breakage of the main channel of communication or interrupted local connectivity.
FS Group (metal reseller)
April 2009 – October 2010
System Engineer
FS Group is a distributed reseller company with 10 employees in 3 different locations, my job was local system engineer. I was one-man army providing every IT service company needed.
I've established a network setup, created documentation on company infrastructure, and participated in site development, SEO and advertising.


Moscow RU


  • 2006 2012

    Moscow Financial-Industrial Academy

    Master degree

    Informational security


Cloud providers
Amazon Web SERVICES Google Cloud Platform
MySQL MongoDB Structured Query Language
SRE principles Analysis and troubleshooting Establishing procedures Zabbix Prometheus
(Cloud) System Administration
Linux core utils Debian and Red Hat distributions family Puppet Docker Kubernetes Helm
Python Go Bash Ruby Perl
High load
Site Reliability Engineering Load Balancing Scalable systems Cost-effective redundancy Automated provisioning
Continuous Integration and Delivery
Jenkins Groovy Fabric Glassfish Tomcat Open Build Service


  • Englishfluent
  • Russiannative speaker